This program focuses on Anishinaabe language sounds by introducing learners to animals and their traditional teachings. Migizi is one of our helpers and they think it is important for you to use your tobacco and love what you do.

Migizi Resource Guide

This resource guide provides ideas for activities, games, songs, and lessons when teaching about Migizi with your learners. There are also cues and questions for instructors to use in Anishinaabemowin.

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Migizi O’dibaajimo Mazina’igan is reflective of the traditional teachings of Migizi provided to us by fluent speakers and elders. You can download and print your own copy, or view it with your PDF viewer.

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You can watch and listen to Migizi O’dibaajimo Mazina’igan read by Kiitaabines Kelvin Morrison. Follow along, repeat after Kiitaabines, and enjoy listening to the story.


The Migizi Speech Card can be shared in your learning space, and can be used by instructors to guide learners through practicing the targeted sound.

The Migizi -zz Nabiniganan are printable floor puzzles that can encourage learners to practice the target sound.

Bizindan & Nagamon

This song encourages learners to practice speaking Anishinaabemowin by singing and flying with Migizi!

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