This language kit was created to help learners express gratitude and learn vocabulary around giving thanks during the Fall Season. Traditionally many families hold feasts at the change of seasons and this often coincides with the time of the modern Thanksgiving holiday in Canada.

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Cover
Miigwechiwi-giizhigad Resource Guide

This resource guide provides ideas for activities, games, songs, and lessons when teaching about gratitude and Thanksgiving with your learners. There are also cues and questions for instructors to use in Anishinaabemowin.

Download the PDF
Thanksgiving vocabulary

This vocabulary list is a starting point resource to help instructors work through language around gratitude.

tracing page

This page allows learners to practice their fine motor skills by tracing and then drawing things that they are thankful for.

colouring by numbers page

Practice fine motor skills and colour and numbers recognition with this Mizise Colour by Numbers activity!

This booklet can be used by learners to create a keepsake of things they are thankful each year.


Download this poster to help you learn different verb forms for expressing gratitude!