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Make your own Spot it game with your own words or images. All the card logic taken from a blog post from Radigan Engineering.

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Set print size: 3x5 (landscape) 5x3 (portrait) 4x6 (landscape) 6x4 (portrait) 3.5x3.5 (square/circle)

Items per row: 2 3 4
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Print Instructions

Printing these on to cards is a little bit of a process. We have gone through a lot of effort to make it so that you CAN print these directly to index cards to save you a lot of effort of cutting multiple cards on a single larger paper, but to print on cards you have to do a bit of the work.

You have a few options for printing:

Index card/photo printing

I am on a Mac and have only gotten this to work on Google Chrome (not Safari or Firefox). Hopefully it will similarly work on Chrome on Windows.

When printing do the following:

The above is complicated and yet at the same time vague. Sorry about that. I wish it could be easier, but printing in this way just isn't an easy thing. Good luck :)

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You can also play a game here online to see how fast you can get 10 matches. Click the item on either card that is the match.

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