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Animals Kit

This kit is focused on learning the Anishinaabe names of animals. There is a mix of wild and domesticated animals. You can use the lesson plans to guide your use of the resources to learn the animals and the sounds they make. You can also hear a song sung by Chance King about a young woman walking about and seeing animals – this is particularly fun to do with young children and a set of puppets. There is also a recording of a fluent speaker saying the names of the animals.

We are always adding new resources and ideas, so be sure to check back regularly for new materials!

Learn – Nanda-gikendan

Non-editable Resources

Editable Resources

Listen – Bizindan

Watch – Ganawaabandan

Inspired by the song, Naanan Moonzoog sung by Bernice Greene, we made this video today.Visit Anishinaabemodaa - Waking Up Ojibwe for more great songs and language learning activities!

Posted by Kahwá:tsire Indigenous-Led Child & Family Programs on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Naanan Moozoog

Awensiinkaazon - Act like an animal

Some families may recognize this Ojibwe song from circle time - Ikwezens Gii-babaamose (The Girl was Walking Around) Sung here by Chance King. Find the lyrics and other wonderful language learning activities by visiting Anishinaabemodaa - Waking Up Ojibwe

Posted by Kahwá:tsire Indigenous-Led Child & Family Programs on Monday, March 30, 2020

Ikwezens Gii-babaamose


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