Aaniin Ezhinaagok?

Language Kit

What Does It Look Like? – Inanimate Colours Kit

This kit is designed to assist learners with understanding the basic colours in Anishinaabemowin. The book that accompanies this kit “Aaniin Ezhinaagok?” is based on guidance from the Gigidiziiminaanig committee. They recalled being taught colours based on what they could see that was that colour i.e. it is red like the ball – miskwaa daabishko biikwaakwad. There are lesson plans to guide the learner through the using the resources as well as audio from fluent speakers to help with pronunciation.

There are many different ways to identify colours throughout Anishinaabe territory, so we have provided editable resources. If you say it differently in your community – all you need to do is talk to a speaker in your area and retype the words in the documents.

Learn – Nanda-gikendan

Non-editable Resources

Editable Resources

Listen – Bizindan

Watch – Ganawaabandan

Enaandek - Playlist by Rochelle Allan

Aaniin Ezhinaagok? - Nagamowin

Read With Me: Aaniin Ezhinaagok?


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