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Ambe Anishinaabemodaa!

The goal of the Anishinaabemodaa initiative is to bring Anishinaabemowin back into the homes of the Anishinaabe people. One way of achieving this goal is to build Anishinaabemowin knowledge and fluency among children ages 0-6. We offer language learning support and educational resources to our child care centres, community partners, families, and learners so they can incorporate Anishinaabemowin into their programming and daily routines. We aim to engage parents, families, and anyone interested in learning Anishinaabemowin with their family and using language in their homes.

All of the ideas for our resources come from our communities, families, and child care centres, and are developed with the guidance of the Gigidiziiminaanig committee. We value the diverse knowledge and language in our territory, and have made all of our resources editable to accommodate that diversity.

If you have an idea or need for language learning in your home or classroom, please let us know how we can help!

Language Kits



Aaniin Ezhinaagok? - What Does It Look Like?

Ji-izhichigeyin 1 - Commands 1

Ji-izhichigeyin 2 - Commands 2

Agindaasowinan - Numbers

Minobimaadizin Nindigo - A Good Life

Mitigoog, ono gaye Nawapowinan

Niiyaw Owe! - This is Body!

Miijim/Wiisiniwin - Food

Gaa-nanepaadizii - Animate Book of Opposites

Gaa-naanepaadadangin - Inanimate Book of Opposites

Aaniin Ezhiwebak Agwajiing? - What's Happening Outside?

Aandi Ezhaaying? - Where Are We Going?

Niin Awe Name - I am a Sturgeon

What Will I Do?

Niin Gichi-gishkaabaagwe - I Am So Thirsty

Gaa-Dipaabaaweg-Nawapowin - The Wet Picnic

Nimbwaanawitoon Ji-nibaa'aan

KOKO JONES - Episode 1

KOKO JONES - Episode 2

KOKO JONES - Episode 3


Waakaabidaa Abinoojiinhyag

Aaniin Giinawaa!



Awenen Giin?



Ikwezens Gii-babaamose



Gimiwan Aapiji

Gizaagi'in, Gizaagi'


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